Little Beirut’s Album “Fear of Heaven” is Straight Up Good Music, So You Should Take a Listen

The raw, honest sound of Little Beirut‘s Fear of Heaven is pure from beginning to end. On this killer album, the quartet from Portland displays a Supergroup sound channeling the vibe of an amalgamation of Coldplay and Death Cab for Cutie, with less Hollywood production and more outright musical talent and execution. Fear of Heaven is their second self-released album, giving them the benefits of full creative control, which breaks through clearly in the unadulterated musical elements and the straight forward, thought provoking lyrics. It’s not every day you come a across an album you feel you are hearing exactly as the band intended it.

Their intro song Last Light eases you into the album with a soft intro and immediately kicks in with catchy guitar riffs and chorus lines, just when you’re ready for it. Cosmic Waitress, is an all around upbeat pop song you’ll have trouble not singing along to. True Swords, a slower melodic and easily one of my favorites on the album, is just an amazingly great and sincere song. The entire album, like this song, is soaked with heart-on-sleeve lyrics- it’s pure truth. The final three songs on the album are a power trio that exemplify Little Beirut’s talent: Lifeboat, No One Special, and the outro Crooked Crown. If these guys find their way out of Portland and in a venue near you, I recommend you stop by and pay a visit, I have a feeling this is a show to be seen. As for Fear of Heaven, I’ve said pretty much all I can say, it’s straight up good music. If you’re not into that kind of thing, you lose.

You can buy all kinds of nice fan packages including the cd, or just get the digital download, whatever it is, just get one, now.

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