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Behind the Scenes with Rocky Loves Emily

Oftentimes in the music world, thing can move slowly for bands.  Other times, the pace of the industry moves so quickly it’s hard to keep up.  Either way, when you’re good, you’re good, and eventually someone takes notice. So whether it takes you a decade to get a record deal, or you’re Rocky Loves Emily and you drop your label debut EP less than two years after forming, hard work pays off.  The pop rocking, punk infused, country lace band from Detroit, Michigan released their debut EP on Tooth and Nail Records just last week.  The insanely catchy American Dream is available exclusively on iTunes and in Hot Topic stores nationwide and we here at Sovereign Sound highly recommend that you snag yourself a copy ASAP.

In the meantime, check out this behind-the-scenes making of the music video for their first single “Clueless”.  The finished version should be up online any day now, but you can satisfy your Rocky Loves Emily craving a bit by watching this on repeat until then.


LONDON PROJECT: UK Urban Rocker NOAH Readies for Highly Anticipated Single Release

In this day and age every artist seems to be taking on multiple careers- there’s actors starting bands, musicians starring in films, and athelets trying a bit of everything.  It’s not often, however, that you see a boxer morph into a singer…at least not successfully.  But the buzz surrounding London’s former Amateur Middleweight Boxing Champion NOAH, and his funky music, is massive.  Read More about this Ass Kickin Musician!

Hopeless Records’ The Wonder Years Are Breaking Out

2010 is coming to a close and there have been an abundance of incredible music videos released this year. From indie rock to hip hop, Sovereign Sound has brought you some of the best around. As you compile your lists of favorites music videos for the year, don’t forget to include The Wonder Years’ “Melrose Diner” in there. Packed with humor, wit, creativity, and backed by a killer song, this video easily jumped into our top 5 2010 favorites.

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Brie Stoner’s Acoustic Series Videos Makes You Feel Warm and Fuzzy

As part of an acoustic series that began in August, singer-songwriter Brie Stoner released acoustic music videos of various songs, featuring her totally unplugged.  The latest in the series is a video for her song “Part Time Believer” off of her Delicate Hour EP. This delicate and heartwarming video features the pretty and talented musician at a candle-lit dinner table filled with delicious food, singing to a close group of family and friends.  Be sure to check out this creative video that showcases Stoner’s incredible talent, as well as her down-to-earth and endearing attitude.

Check out the Part Time Believer Video here:

To purchase Brie’s new EP Delicate Hour on iTunes go to:

For more on Brie Stoner check out:
Brie’s Official Site

Fun.’s Music Video “Walking The Dog” Is, Well, Just Plain Fun

If you haven’t heard of the band Fun., you’d better research them quickly.  You might be surprised to find out that the outfit is fronted by Nate Ruess, formerly of pop rock darlings The Format.  You shouldn’t be surprised, however, to discover that the music is catchy, clever, and all around, um, fun.  The band’s single “Walking The Dog” is a delightful blend of pop and pleasure, but the accompanying video is dynamite.  Filled with with jazzy neon colors, fancy videography mashups, and creative split-screen shots, the video exemplifies the band’s ability to have a blast while making good music.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself.

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The Epilogues Unleash Sensational Music Video For “Hunting Season”

You may remember back in August there was a Sovereign Sound post about how two indie bands from Colorado managed to completely devour the snobby LA music scene with killer performances at Cinespace.  Well one of those bands, elctro alt rock powerhouses The Epilogues, has just released their first music video for their single “Hunting Season”- and you won’t believe your squinty music-loving eyes.  The video, directed by Colorado resident Dylan Novak, bears a look of professionalism well beyond that of a first-time, low-budget, musical project.  The young Novak’s undeniable talent radiates throughout the three and a half minute mini-film, as does the band’s made-for-fame theatrics.  Each member looks perfectly natural in front of the lens, especially frontman Chris Heckman with his passionate gestures and sultry facial expressions.  The outdoor setting for the video perfectly compliments the serenly beautiful and spooky song.  Check out this masterpiece and dare to tell me you disagree.