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Be a Part of The Epilogues’ New Video!

You saw the Epilogues‘ video for “Hunting Season” on the Sovereign Sound first.  You remember how amazing it was, how the song made you feel, and how the cinematography moved, inspired, and awed you.  Well  now you have the chance to be a part of their next project– the band is at it again and gearing up to create a brand new masterpiece.  The video for new single “The Fallout” will be directed by the same brilliant mind behind “Hunting Season,” Dylan Novak of Montauk Media, so it is guaranteed to be sensational.  This time around, though, the band is doing something a little different and asking for fans, friends, and general admirers to help out in making the video. So if you love The Epilogues, here is your chance to prove it.

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Interview With Switzerland’s Indie Rockers The Dandies

(photo by Patrick Bussmann)

Hailing from Lucerne, Switzerland, indie garage outfit The Dandies, is rocking and rolling its way onto the international music scene.  The band; Adrian Weber (vocals/rythym guitar), brother Eric Weber (lead guitar/vocals), and Fabian Voirol (drums); blends quintessential aspects of indie, garage, and punk to produce electrifyingly rock songs.  Having crushed their recent appearance at SXSW and recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, The Dandies show no signs of stopping before they achieve world domination.  We tracked down Adrian and forced him to answer a few of our questions on writing songs, life on the road, and what’s up next for his kickass band. Read the Interview for your own good.