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Interview With Denver’s Newly Revamped The Battleship Agenda & A Free Download of Their New Single “Houses”

Earlier this year, the people of Denver were hit with the bad news that one of their staple local bands, the Battleship Agenda, was taking an idefinite hiatus. The pop-punk rock band had been making waves on the local scene, playing shows across Colorado and placing high in radio sponsored competitions like 93.3‘s Big Gig and Hometown for the Holidays. But when 2010 arrived, vocalist Kat Barnes quit, followed by bassist Kellen Niemeier. The band chose bass player Casey Ottmann to fill both of the vacant shoes. Playing bass and taking over vocals, along with Nick Ferro, Ottmann joined just in time to be a part of the The Battleship Agenda performance on the Ernie Ball Stage at Van’s Warped Tour. So close to being complete again, the band suffered another loss when original member Tyler Call called it quits. Enter Keoni Akina, a long time friend of the band to take Call’s place, and The Battleship Agenda is back in full swing and ready to spout it’s musical prowess across Denver and beyond.  The band was kind enough to answer a few questions for Sovereign Sound:

Read the Interview & Get the free Single


Denver Bands (the Photo Atlas & the Epilogues) Team Up to Take on LA

Denver-based indie rock bands The Photo Atlas and The Epilogues are in the middle of a mini west coast tour which stopped in Hollywood Sunday night. Due to the enormous size and over saturation of the music scene in Los Angeles, small do-it-yourself bands from other states sometimes struggle to find accepting audiences to play to. Fans won’t travel more than a few miles in the city to see a band and “Industry” folk, if they even show up, tend to stand in the back of the venue with crossed arms and judgmental eyes.

But Sunday night at Cinespace, the crowd was large and fans welcomed the out of town bands with vigor as The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas lit up the stage. Read the Rest.