LONDON PROJECT: UK Urban Rocker NOAH Readies for Highly Anticipated Single Release

In this day and age every artist seems to be taking on multiple careers- there’s actors starting bands, musicians starring in films, and athelets trying a bit of everything.  It’s not often, however, that you see a boxer morph into a singer…at least not successfully.  But the buzz surrounding London’s former Amateur Middleweight Boxing Champion NOAH, and his funky music, is massive.  Last Ten Records will deliver the highly anticipated single “Immortal” on December 6th in the UK and December 7th in the US.  The song features the wildly popular Wu-Tang Clan KILLA BEEZ- Prodigal Sunn/Shyheim.  The notorious rap group recently collaborated with NOAH at a live performance at CMJ in New York.  “Immortal” is the first single off NOAH’s forthcoming album Five Decades Below, which is slated for release sometime in summer 2011.

Already being touted by some of Britiain’s hottest music publications as “genius”, some of NOAH’s music was leaked on the internet not long ago.  The result?  Over 40,000 hits in just twenty-four hours.  This impressive feat earned the savy musician’s video the official Youtube badge for the top one hundred viewed videos (above).  Just take one listen and you’ll see why NOAH is all abuzz.  A cool mix of urban beats and edgy rock make for quite the recipe for success.  Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming tour dates and the full length album from one of Britain’s most praised up-and-comers.


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