Hopeless Records’ The Wonder Years Are Breaking Out

2010 is coming to a close and there have been an abundance of incredible music videos released this year. From indie rock to hip hop, Sovereign Sound has brought you some of the best around. As you compile your lists of favorites music videos for the year, don’t forget to include The Wonder Years’ “Melrose Diner” in there. Packed with humor, wit, creativity, and backed by a killer song, this video easily jumped into our top 5 2010 favorites.

The Wonder Years’ album The Upsides is receiving rave reviews from all the right places, like Absolutepunk.net, and Alternative Press gave the record 4 out of 5 stars.  Sovereign Sound wholeheartedly agrees.  Offering up pristine pop punk, The Wonder Years deliver a mature and polished spin in an oversaturated genre.  Do yourself a favor and give the disc a listen.  It’s guaranteed to put a smile in your eyes, add a skip in your swager, and imprint catchy melodies onto your brain.


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