Interview With Denver’s Newly Revamped The Battleship Agenda & A Free Download of Their New Single “Houses”

Earlier this year, the people of Denver were hit with the bad news that one of their staple local bands, the Battleship Agenda, was taking an idefinite hiatus. The pop-punk rock band had been making waves on the local scene, playing shows across Colorado and placing high in radio sponsored competitions like 93.3‘s Big Gig and Hometown for the Holidays. But when 2010 arrived, vocalist Kat Barnes quit, followed by bassist Kellen Niemeier. The band chose bass player Casey Ottmann to fill both of the vacant shoes. Playing bass and taking over vocals, along with Nick Ferro, Ottmann joined just in time to be a part of the The Battleship Agenda performance on the Ernie Ball Stage at Van’s Warped Tour. So close to being complete again, the band suffered another loss when original member Tyler Call called it quits. Enter Keoni Akina, a long time friend of the band to take Call’s place, and The Battleship Agenda is back in full swing and ready to spout it’s musical prowess across Denver and beyond.  The band was kind enough to answer a few questions for Sovereign Sound:

Sovereign Sound (SS): Describe the song-writing process to me.

Battleship Agenda (BA): It starts with one of us having a riff or a few riffs that we’ve been working on.  And we will jam on that one riff for awhile so we can feel out the direction and feel of how the song is progressing.  We like to pay close attention to the vibe and mood of what we are naturally doing and then implement that feeling into actually getting parts written.  As far as vocals go for the song, Nick and Casey will have an idea as far as the message or story that we are feeling, and we write lyrics around melody ideas we have.  Though sometimes it’s the other way around.  It all depends on the order stuff comes into our heads.

SS: What’s the oddest thing that’s ever inspired a song?

BA: The lyrics for a song we have called “Absent Friends” came from reading the Watchmen graphic novel and thinking about how awful it is to have some friends who consistently let you down, but you can’t help continuing to trust them because that’s what you’ve known for so long.

SS: What’s your opinion of the local Denver music scene?  In your opinion, who are the Denver “bands to watch”?

BA: There are a few really incredible bands that are starting to gain a lot of well-deserved attention.  The Epilogues and The Heyday are kicking ass right now, and are also very good friends of ours.  Air Dubai is definitely on their way to the top.  The Pirate Signal is another incredible hip-hop act that’s really awesome.  I Am The Dot is a newer act, but based on the quality of music that’s comes from them, they’re bound to get a ton of attention soon.

SS: In a few words, describe The Battleship Agenda live show.

BA: We can say that our main goal for our live show is that we make it as tight and huge as possible.  The energy level is just as important as the music being played.  After all, if you can’t be excited about your own music, how is anyone else supposed to be?

SS: In your opinion, what makes an epic album?

BA: Put simply, it’s the way an album makes you feel, that makes it epic.  There are obviously bands that sound way more “epic” than others.  But in the end, if an album can get an emotional response from you every time you listen to it, and make you feel a certain way, we’d say that’s pretty epic.

SS: If The Battleship Agenda had a slogan, or a catchphrase, what would it be?

BA: We are The BA, all day.

SS: You’re at a karaoke bar and forced to sing a tune- what’s your go-to song?

BA: Intergalactic by The Beastie Boys

SS: If you could have anyone in the world be a huge fan of The Battleship Agenda, who would it be?

BA: Can we speak fictional or non-fictional as well?  Because if that’s the case, having Tony Stark (Iron Man) be a fan of ours would be pretty flattering.

Download The Battleship Agenda’s new single “Houses” for free!


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