LONDON PROJECT: Graffiti6 Make Love to the Crowd at The Lexington (and a Couple gets Engaged).

Smooth Jazz? Pop Rock? Hip Hop? I don’t know. Neither do they. The bottom line is, as I stood there listening to the refreshingly unique flows of the Graffiti6 gang, I couldn’t help but move and sway with the crowd, sing along, and fall victim to the talents of producer TommyD (who has worked with the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kylie and Janet Jackson) and singer Jamie Scott. The swankily lit Lexington was packed with an eclectic array of people, a true testament to the beautiful amalgamation of sounds that Graffiti6 has created, that transcendes genre classification.

The group played an array of songs, primarily those off their debut album Colours, with funky licks that moved the venue. So much so, that amidst the performance, before the group began to sing their title track, a young man, nervous and anxious, walked onto the stage, grabbed the mic, confessed his love to his partner, got down on one knee, and yes, proposed (see the video below). The resounding yes in return had the crowd cheering and was the perfect open to the sexy sound of the band’s next song “Colours.” Other powerful songs in the set included “Annie You Save Me” and “Never Look Back”.

The band’s faux exit and prompt return for an encoure was spearheaded by “Calm The Storm” then “Stare Into the Sun” (check out the new music video here!). The crowd cheered and sang along as usual, egged on by lead singer Jamie Scott. The final melody for the night was a quiet heartfelt piano ballad called “Over You” to send off the swooning crowd with love, but not without a meet and greet first. The band remained on stage after the show, to talk to their fans and sign autographs. I know two things now: Graffiti6 loves making awesome music, and they love their fans. What more could you ask of a band?


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