London Project: Motion City Soundtrack & Foxy Shazam Rock the London Underworld

After inviting a group of eight friends out to see Motion City Soundtrack at the Underworld in Camden, I began to worry about how the night would unfold. Would UK fans know about the American band? Would they care enough to pay for a live show? Would I drag my friends across the city only to arrive at a deserted venue?

My fears dissipated quickly as we filed into the underground club. The place was packed and the energy level was electric. Loads of fans, of all ages and scenes, crowded into the venue to catch a glimpse of the Minnesota pop rockers. Sweaty kids danced, pushed, and sang along at the front of the stage, while older hipsters nodded their approval from the shadows at the back. My crew enjoyed every moment and even the bartenders bopped along to the beat. Everyone seemed to be absorbing the show in different ways, but everyone bore huge smiles. Blazing through a brilliant set, which showcased songs from their prosperous career, Motion City Soundtrack looked and sounded incredible. I was impressed and proud as the audience loudly shouted out almost every lyric in near perfect synchronization with Justin Pierre.

Opening for MCS was our beloved Cincinnati band Foxy Shazam. The weird. The awesome. The always entertaining future rock sensation. Their antics were quickly embraced by the English underground crowd, as everyone rocked along to the music, entranced by the new and unexpected sounds gracing their ears. Then again, these Brits are used to more off center and unconventional people. So Eric Nally and crew fit right in.

All in all, American bands abroad delighted their UK fans, as well as a few of us Americans hiding in the audience.  We at the Sovereign Sound couldn’t be more proud.

* Motion City Soundtrack will be back in the US touring in October. Check out the dates here.
* Foxy Shazam will be back in the US touring in October. Check out the dates here.


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