Delivering All Things Music From the UK. Introducing The Sovereign Sound ‘London Project’

Hello music lovers.  Sorry for the absence of posts, news, tweets, and sweets, but C Note and I have been trying to settle into our respective homes for the next four months – in London, England.  That’s right, from now through mid December, we will bring you all the latest music happenings from the US AND abroad, as we introduce the Sovereign Sound London Project.

We are going to be scouting out all the local hangouts and discovering all the hippest up-and-coming European bands, which we will serve to you on a silver plate of ‘You Heard It Here First’ so you can one-up your music snob friends.  We’ll give you the inside track on what’s hot, what’s not, and what foreign bands you can expect to see bursting on the US music scene.

In addition, we’ll be doing extensive studies on American bands abroad.  We’ll deliver concert reviews and interviews with your favorite US bands, as well as all the gossip on how they behave towards, and are treated, by fans overseas.  So stay tuned for an exciting end to 2010 as the Sovereign Sound London Project begins.

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