Denver Bands (the Photo Atlas & the Epilogues) Team Up to Take on LA

Denver-based indie rock bands The Photo Atlas and The Epilogues are in the middle of a mini west coast tour which stopped in Hollywood Sunday night. Due to the enormous size and over saturation of the music scene in Los Angeles, small do-it-yourself bands from other states sometimes struggle to find accepting audiences to play to. Fans won’t travel more than a few miles in the city to see a band and “Industry” folk, if they even show up, tend to stand in the back of the venue with crossed arms and judgmental eyes.

But Sunday night at Cinespace, the crowd was large and fans welcomed the out of town bands with vigor as The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas lit up the stage. Do to a booking snafu, the origin of which is unknown, Cinespace didn’t have The Epilogues confirmed to perform. No problem however, as The Photo Atlas didn’t hesitate to share their allotted time with their good friends and the venue kindly agreed. That didn’t give either band much time, but they worked together seamlessly to load the gear onstage and prepare for the show. Musicians from both bands helped set up the stage, then the two Denver outfits shared instruments so that they could play for the maximum amount of time.

Though they each only played four songs, the reaction was incredible. Hipsters danced and scensters clapped as the unique sounds of the different, yet complimentary, Colorado bands filled the venue. The Epilogues offered a slick performance of keyboard-laced, drum-based alternative dance rock that had viewers out of their seats and moving to the beat. Three polished old songs and an impressive new one left the crowd yearning for more from The Epilogues. Next up, the Photo Atlas delivered an on-point set of indie dance punk that transformed Cinespace into an all-out party. Patrons gathered close to the stage to better experience the guitar-driven explosion of musical brilliance. The individual talent of all four artists shined throughout their set which included three popular old tunes and one punchy new one.

Despite the initial booking hiccup, the night was a success as new fans swarmed the merch table that both The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas shared. Sunday night, the sounds of two Denver rock bands transcended the coveted Los Angeles music scene stigma and united fans of all shapes and sizes with their raw talent and inspiring passion. It won’t be long before The Epilogues and The Photo Atlas breeze back through LA and when they do, I assure you the buzz will be bigger, the crowds will multiply, and the excitement will be electric as they continue to make their presence known and prove that good music can come from anywhere.


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