Welcome to the Sovereign. Welcome to the Sound.

Welcome to the Sovereign Sound. The newest, hippest, most abundant one-stop musical shop for musicians, fans, and everyone in between. What can you expect from this awesomely-designed, soon-to-be musical empire? Cutting-edge reviews, the skinny on the best upcoming tours, big news from big bands, hot tips on breakthrough acts, and a general influx of all things music.

All of this cloaked in humor from Sovereign Sound’s founders: two creatively similar but drastically different genius minds who don’t hesitate to speak up and argue about what makes good music. L Jefe, a self-proclaimed music purist, will stress the importance of hard-working, do-it-yourself indie rock bands, while at the same time traveling the world to see artists like Jason Mraz and Fall Out Boy. C Note will express disdain for “cookie cutter” bands that all sound the same, but simultaneiously jam on tunes by Lady Gaga and Ke$ha. The banter between the two will have you laughing, crying, and possibly cringing, but always coming back for more. So stay tuned for a musical blast that will dismantle your mind. Get ready to extract education, harvest hipness, make music, and become Sovereign.


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